Avaya 2410

The Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone



  • Multi-line digital telephone for use with systems running Avaya Communication Manager
  • 5 line x 29 character display
  • No paper button labels – all buttons are labeled on the display
  • 12 system call appearance/feature buttons
  • Provides automated call tracking with 48-entry call log
  • Provides access to 48 speed-dial numbers
  • Can be maintained with most current enhancements through downloadable firmware
  • One Year Warranty



Eunice H.

Think of the Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone as the big-budget sequel to an Oscar-winning film, it brings refined and beautiful software and speedy performance to every feature that really matters! It isn’t flashy but it gets the job done and done well. It is exactly what I was looking for, the price was unbeatable as well as the size and style of the phone. Thanks for all of your help with my selection AtlasPhones.com. You took the time over the phone to be sure I didn’t purchase something unnecessary. The customer care was superb. AtlasPhones.com is outstanding.Ð’